Restro Consultants

Restaurant Kitchen Design Concepts

Cafés & Coffee houses

Cafés and coffeehouses share similar design characteristics, focusing on the speed and execution of service. These projects offer a large variety of hot and cold beverages prepared in front of customers, so it is essential to design efficient and attractive workspaces. The food offerings at a coffeehouse tend to be crucial: pastries and breakfast sandwiches that may or may not be prepared on-site. Cafés offer a wider variety of menu options, where all meals are qualified in their commercial kitchen. Our designers know what it takes to create the most efficient food and beverage spaces so everyone can focus on what is important, your customers.

Taverns & Gastropubs

Taverns and gastropubs also share similar bar and restaurant kitchen design characteristics. Tavern-style restaurants have been around for centuries, but the term “gastropub” came about in the early ’90s. Both restaurant styles sell alcoholic beverages and food, so a strong design focus is a relationship between the kitchen and the bar staff. The main difference between these two restaurants is that a tavern will tend to offer simplistic food and drink offerings, and a gastropub will promote a complex and eclectic menu. We create a space where your restaurant and bar designs flow together to ensure your customers see teamwork at its best.

Fast Casual

The most popular concept trend in the United States is the fast-casual style restaurant. The primary design focus for this type of restaurant is the speed and execution of service. Since this type of dining will not offer table service, developing a kitchen layout that allows chefs to prepare meals in only a few minutes is essential. These concepts are like fast-food restaurants but offer higher-quality menu offerings. Many of these projects will display a restaurant kitchen layout to the customer, so they can see their meals being prepared. Our team creates efficient and streamlined workstations, so your customer’s longest waiting time is deciding what to order. 

Casual Dining

Casual dining restaurants are popular and cater to a wide variety of diners. These are sit-down restaurants that typically have a rather extensive alcoholic beverage offering. A simple restaurant menu is also quite varied and will contain several options, ranging from appetizers, salads, and hot and cold sandwiches to pizza, barbecue, and an assortment of entrees. Like fast casual and tavern concepts, the casual dining design approach is the speed of service of both the bar and kitchen staff, ensuring that they work quickly and efficiently while serving customers. We create kitchen and bar designs that keep the team flowing so you can do the same with your revenue.

Cuisine Based

Cuisine-based restaurants, also called ethnic restaurants, offer menus based on culture or geographical location. Southern American and Italian restaurants are excellent examples of cuisine-based concepts. These restaurants may also fall into just about any kitchen design project category. Whether the idea is fast casual or fine dining, these projects are highly focused on a specific cuisine, so the restaurant consultant must have extensive knowledge of various culinary techniques. All our designers are classically trained executive chefs, so we know what it takes to create a space where talent can flourish and prosper.

Fine Dining

Fine dining restaurants are on the downtrend because the dining experience has the potential to be quite time-consuming. Serving courses in a proper sequence can take up to a few hours to complete, so guest comfort and ambiance are essential. These restaurants tend to have smaller seasonal menus, focusing on locally-sourced ingredients. Many will also have an extensive wine and beverage selection, where the bar design and bottle display are at the center stage. These restaurant kitchen design projects will typically be comprised of various stations organized around cooking techniques or ingredients for a more coordinated execution of the menu courses.