Restro Consultants

About Us

Company Insight

Restro Consultants Private Limited is registered under the companies act of 2013 as per Indian law. We are a responsible company contributing our efforts to helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals in the food and beverage industry. Founded in the year 2009 as a proprietary firm, RCPL is now a private limited company with multi-dimensional services to offer.


Bring inspiration and innovation to every food and beverage entrepreneur in the world.

Our Commitment

We have taken deliberate and meaningful action in the last year to be more aware and accountable. We are committed to building on these efforts, acting more thoughtfully, and creating solutions for a safer, more secure, and more supportive food and beverage industry.


Create ground-breaking food and beverage innovations, make our products and services sustainably, build a creative and diverse global team,


RCPL is a highly strongest and committed team of experts with proven track records from various fields in the food and beverage industry.
Our leadership team are veterans and have seen the world moving towards globalization wonders and impeccable innovations.

Shajahan M ABDUL

Principle Consultant & Mentor

He has 22 Years of an experience in the food and beverage industry with a Two Michelin Star Chef recognition. He has a Master’s Degree in Hotel Management from France and has been recognized as an Innovative Chef with hundreds of awards for his contribution to the hospitality industry.

Jinnendra Kumar

Director – Food & Beverage

He is a young, dynamic and innovative chef with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management and 12 Years of experience working with National and International food and beverage brands. His passion for cooking and bringing out the best is his forte.

Gayatri Upadhyay

Director – Interior Design

She is an award-winning interior designer with a Master’s in Interior Designing from Florida, USA. Minimalist, traditional yet contemporary, she has done all the designs and executions for global brands. Her designs are benchmarks and have inspired many aspiring designers. Her area of industry interest is Food and Beverage, as she connects with an open mind to it.

Rajagopal Urs

Rajagopal Urs

Director – Information Technology

A diligent individual with over 16 years of experience managing IT for multinational companies with engineering from IIT, Tirupati. Information technologies have continuously helped humanity for ease of work and the betterment of life, which is his motive. He has created technologies to manage and control your food and beverage business with ease.