Restro Consultants

For New Restaurant Start-ups

Starting a great restaurant is much like creating a great dish. You start with an idea, and you work through that idea to create a recipe. Likewise, the “recipe” for starting a restaurant is your business plan, and writing a great one is what we help you do. We work with you to create a plan that will act as our roadmap, from developing your concept to construction and the grand opening. Your restaurant consultant will work with you on every planning aspect to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Your menu should be strategically built to encourage a purchase. It should have a structure that’s easy to navigate and promotes items that you want patrons to purchase. Typically, this means mixing and matching price points, popularity, and niche items to make a final decision easier.

Sometimes, this may mean decreasing the available food and drink options. Or it may require you to circulate your food offerings in a seasonal menu to develop artificial scarcity around more popular but costly products. Only you know what sells best, what brings in the most revenue, and what is simply a sunk cost. It’s up to you to determine and test what blend of those categories will appeal to your customers. If you host your menu online (and you really should), you may need to sacrifice descriptions or even truncate your menu to focus even more so on ease of use. You can’t simply upload a grainy photocopy of your paper menu and expect results. Instead, focusing on speed and trimming to no decision-making would be best. Feature images, brief descriptions, and clear categories simplify navigation and make purchasing online more accessible.


Why Restro Start-ups?

  • Create an effective “elevator pitch” to introduce your company and explain what makes you different.
  • Share the passion for your concept — show why it will be successful and your strategy to get there.
  • Develop a detailed financial plan explaining what you do, how you will do it, and why it will be profitable.