Restro Consultants

Restaurant Kitchen Design and Layout Services

Our restaurant kitchen design and layout services are your solutions to building the perfect kitchen. We use a chef-focused design approach so your team can consistently perform at their best. You have a vision for your business, and Mise Designs will give you the tools you need to make it a reality.Designing the perfect restaurant kitchen is similar to developing a recipe: It is as much of an art as a science. The art of restaurant kitchen design understands how chefs use ingredients and the techniques involved in creating their dishes. The science is being able to flawlessly translate these needs to the members of the design and construction team. We are experts at combining art with science and believe that only a chef can genuinely appreciate the needs of another chef.

Our Restaurant Kitchen Design Process

Our restaurant kitchen layout process begins with the layout of your space and the ideas you have for your concept. We take the time to get a clear picture of your vision and develop a strategy to implement it in your new space.The most crucial factor in any restaurant design project is your menu. It will act as our guide throughout the entire design and construction process. It will help us answer all the strategic questions that come up along the way. We break the menu into culinary techniques and arrange our operational needs around them. This approach allows us to maximize productivity and helps keep your equipment costs as low as possible. This kitchen design strategy can help ensure that your culinary staff has every opportunity to show off their talents to your guests.

Your Custom Restaurant Kitchen Design

Your concept is unique, so your restaurant kitchen layout should be too. Our restaurant clients are the most personalized of all the projects we develop. Every kitchen will create its unique identity, and our designers know how to build it around your concept. Whether you are opening a local gastropub, an authentic sushi bar, or a fine dining restaurant, they all need a customized approach to ensure that they operate efficiently. We design the ideal kitchen, perfectly tailored to your needs. Unlike most restaurant consultants who use “rules of thumb” to determine what is suitable for your concept, our design approach will optimize your kitchen’s flow, function, and efficiency. This way, you can focus on quality, not compromise. This translates into a more pleasant work environment for your employee, a better dining experience for your guests, and a more profitable bottom line for you.