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Kitchen Design Services

Pre-design Programming Conceptual

Pre-design programming is basically like a fact-finding tour that will give us the framework for your future kitchen design. Here, we will talk about your concept, your menu, the building you will soon occupy, and future goals and objectives for your business. We take the time to learn about your business and see it as you see it. This first step in the process puts all the information on the table. This way, we can see where we are starting and lay the foundation for where we want to go.

Conceptual design is when we begin putting pen to paper. This first kitchen design floor plan is where you will start to see your vision taking shape. We work closely with you and the design team to determine the best location for each functional area of the building. Inside the conceptual design, we can also show the future traffic patterns of your staff. As a result, this approach will help us decide the most efficient way that each department can work together and ensure your team can perform at their best.

Conceptual Design

Schematic Design

A schematic design floor plan is a detailed drawing showing each department’s functionality. This is where your final menu or a rough draft of your menu can be helpful. Here, we generate the equipment layout and specifications for the individual stations within each department. When creating this design, we ensure a perfect balance between functionality and cost savings. Since we have no brand connection or bias, we guarantee that the equipment recommendations are based strictly on your needs.

Design Development compiles all the construction information the other design team members need. We generate detailed kitchen design documents that tell the architects and engineers precisely what we need and where we need it. These details range from the exhaust, fire suppression, and walk-in refrigeration specifications to the wall, plumbing, electrical, and millwork plans and custom-built equipment drawings. We provide everything the team needs to work as quickly and thoroughly as possible so that we can start construction immediately.

Design Development

Construction Document Development

The construction documents are the final part of the kitchen design process. We assemble all the construction drawings and equipment specifications that the trades will use to build your project. We provide convenient hard copies and electronic formats so everyone can work with their preference. These are your final construction documents. Your contractors will follow these plans while building your project and submitting for Health Department permits in most locations.

We create detailed equipment bidding documents for each area of the project. These documents will ensure that your purchase fits our design and includes all the necessary accessories. RCPL Designs is not affiliated with or a part of any equipment buying group, so we help you avoid the confusing and time-consuming process of “value engineering” your project. However, we have relationships with distributor members of these various groups. We leverage their combined purchase power to give our clients highly competitive equipment packages that typically cannot be beaten by any one single buying group member.

Equipment Bidding & Procurement

Delivery & Installation

No matter where in North America you are located, RCPL Designs can cost-effectively supply and manage your project's full delivery and installation process. This includes all the food service equipment, walk-in refrigeration, and exhaust and fire suppression systems we design into your plans. We have a vast network of logistic and specialty installation agents that provide service to our clients all over the continent. While your project is under construction, we will receive, store, and warehouse all the equipment until the site is ready for delivery. We stay in close communication with the construction team to ensure that when the site is prepared, so are we. Our professional installers will coordinate the delivery, uncrate, assemble, and set in place all the equipment, and remove or recycle all packing materials. We do this in just a few days. Our clients benefit from our strategic delivery and installation services because they help you open your doors much faster. This way, your contractors stay focused on construction, not the receiving and assembly of your shelving.

Typical kitchen design documents include:

  • Top page project information, including materials and finish specifications.
  • Foodservice floor plans and equipment plans with schedules.
  • Existing, demolition, and new wall dimension* plans and schedules.
  • Dimensioned* plumbing and electrical rough-in plans and schedules.
  • Dimensioned* floor penetration or sanitary sewer rough-in plans and schedules.
  • Custom-fabricated equipment and millwork elevation plans.
  • Foodservice equipment, exhaust, and walk-in refrigeration specification sheets.
  • Bid/negotiation documents.