Restro Consultants

Consultation for your Existing Restaurant.

Everyone wants to be successful, but sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to see new growth opportunities. Our restaurant consultants work with large and small food service operators to create new approaches for their businesses. We work with our clients to appreciate their past successes, set new goals, and create a path to achieve them.

Why Choose Us?

Every restaurant is unique, and the same approach only works for some. So, the first step in our restaurant consulting process is thoroughly evaluating how your business operates now. We want to see what is working and highlight the areas that may need a little polishing. Your consultant will help you visualize and implement quick fixes and establish benchmarks for both the short- and long-term goals necessary for success.

Even though every restaurant is different, each one shares similar operational aspects. We can categorize these into three groups; Administrative, Marketing, and Operations. There are many other working parts of a restaurant, so please note that this is a partial list. The outline below will detail our consulting approach for each group. Your needs will be specific, so your restaurant consultant will help you decide which area below will be the best to address.

Start-up business plan compared against current business plan. Sales projections and operating budgets. Staff liabilities and payroll. Menu costing analysis. Vendor selection and product specifications.

Menu development, layout, and descriptions. Menu specials, discounts, or catering opportunities. Visual marketing: online, building interior and exterior. Waitstaff training and selling strategies. Advertising and promotional campaigns.


Ordering processes between the front and back of the house. Kitchen layout and service area reorganization strategies. Analysis of the product flow from inventory receipt to customer delivery Product handling, fabrication, and waste controls. Detailed recipe standards and preparation schedules. Ordering levels and inventory control processes. Culinary training, execution, and final presentation.