Restro Consultants

Commercial Kitchen Design Concepts.

Catering Facilities

Catering facilities are unique commercial kitchens. The design approach is like developing a large-volume restaurant kitchen. Although every caterer will have their specialty, each kitchen typically requires a wide variety of multi-functional equipment. These businesses may offer on-premise dining, but most operations will only prepare food on-site and then deliver it to the event. Working with a design team that has culinary expertise can be an excellent value for these types of projects. As chefs, we understand the complex task of preparing food safely and for transport, so you can be sure that only the highest-quality product reaches your customer.

Bakeries Kitchens

Bakeries and specialty kitchens are customized projects. A bread baker and a pastry chef will build a bakery but will have different equipment needs. So, a commercial kitchen designed around the process is essential for success in these projects. As with bakeries, specialty kitchens focus on a few unique product offerings requiring a specialized design approach. Whether your business concept is making sauerkraut or your grandmother’s jams and jellies, outlining the ideal production process is the first step. We help our clients perfect these processes and develop plans to make them a reality.

Stadiums & Event Centres

Stadiums and event centers are often like hotel kitchen design projects but on a much larger scale. Most of these facilities will have a centrally located commissary kitchen designed to prepare meals for up to several thousand people. Stadiums will also typically have a smaller, fully equipped kitchen used by a nutritional staff to prepare meals for athletic teams. These commercial kitchen projects also often feature many retail food and beverage operations in various locations throughout the venue to feed eventgoers. These smaller retail locations require strict process planning to serve many customers in only a few minutes.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are ever-evolving to meet the more sophisticated needs of their clientele in a less institutional setting. The industry is moving away from providing balanced, nutritional meals to a more conventional, restaurant-style dining experience. These projects include hospitals, senior or assisted living facilities, and more significant health and wellness centers. Food safety is critically important for every type of commercial kitchen, but these projects also need to create a process called a HACCP Plan. Our team understands healthcare, so we know what it takes to deliver a high-quality product safely.

Colleges & Educational Institutions

Colleges and educational institutions require the most flexibility of all commercial kitchen project types. An essential aspect of these projects is knowing that what is popular today may not be the case tomorrow. These dining guests are also the most educated consumers regarding healthy eating, food quality, and responsible product sourcing. However, these same consumers are typically on a tight budget, so it is common to see a bountiful salad buffet placed a short distance away from a fast-food franchise concept. We ensure that your commercial kitchen layout is adaptable so you can change as quickly as the trends.

Military Bases & Government Installations

As a certified veteran-owned small business, we take great pride in developing the perfect commercial kitchen solutions for our armed forces. Food service operations on military bases and government installations require cooking equipment that is highly durable with the longest possible lifespan. These projects provide high-quality dining services to many men and women, so volume preparation and speed of service are critical factors to success. We are proud to create commercial kitchen design projects to ensure that these brave men and women receive only the best possible product at home or abroad.